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Interested in Joining an Energy Club?

Get ready for big savings! This year, you have the opportunity to take a leadership role in saving energy and money in your school by joining the Empowered Team, a group of students dedicated to creating an energy-conservation culture in the school and community to save as much energy as possible. As part of the Empowered Team, you will:


                *build leadership skills

                *use up-to-date metering technology and web data software

                *learn how energy is created and used through field trips and

                  hands-on projects

                *use creativity to brainstorm and accomplish real solutions

                *make a difference in your school and community by facilitating real-world

                  projects that save a LOT of money and energy!


The teams are gearing up to get started and would love for you to be part of the fun! If you are interested, please contact Theresa Hamilton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 970-665-7621. 

Riverside M.S. Students Teach About Energy!

Students from Riverside Middle School's Energy Club recently took the time and initiative to teach other students about energy. Matt (6th grade) and Jaycie (5th grade) spent 3 weeks making a Power Point presentation during energy club. They presented the Power Point to 4 blocks of 5th grade science classes, helping students to understand energy and the importance of energy conservation. Way to go, Matt and Jaycie! 


Energy Club Teacher Busted!

Tracy Keesee, Energy Club teacher at Cactus Valley Elementary, recently surrendered to accusations from a student that she had left her blinds open all weekend, altering the room temperature and thereby wasting valuable energy from the HVAC system. Perhaps an embarrassing  episode for the school’s leader of energy conservation efforts, but in Mrs. Keesee’s defense, she did have a good reason. She was making an end-of-quarter piñata for her students and left the blinds open so the sun could help it dry. All things considered, probably a worthwhile motive, but good job CVE students for being conscientious!  

HES Empowered: "Who Saves Energy in Your Life?"

Highland Elementary School's Empowered Team was given the following prompt: "Who Saves Energy in Your Life?"  Here's what they came up with:


"My mom is an awesome energy saver because she closes her blinds to keep the heat in!"- Moriah

"My dad is the person in my life who saves the most energy.  Before I leave my room he always tells me to turn off the lights and the TV."- Raul

"My teacher saves the most energy.  She unplugs and turns off all the lights.  She unplugs computers and her laptop charger, and her pencil sharpener, TV and VCR."- Eric

"The person in my life who saves the most energy is my mom.  My mom saves energy by turning off the lights.  My mom also keeps the lights off all day.  Meanwhile my mom walks everywhere she goes.  She also keeps the heat on low to save energy.  In conclusion I chose the best energy saver for a mom."-Syd

"My mom is a good energy saver because she does not use as much power as she used to.  That helps because we don't have to pay as much for our energy bill.  My mom also does not have the windows open all the time.  My mom is a good energy saver."- Jess

ENERGY STAR Partnership

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provides our District a solid foundation and direction for first identifying energy waste in our schools and then taking action to eliminate the waste. ENERGY STAR’s Guidelines to Superior Energy Management is a proven approach to help any organization reduce its energy use. When combined with using a building’s ENERGY STAR Rating monthly to focus all parties on improving the rating, everyone gets involved and energy waste is driven from the building, which in turn significantly lowers cost and the amount of Greenhouse Gases put into our atmosphere. We at Garfield Re-2 School District recommend everyone visit ENERGY STAR'S Guidelines for Superior Energy Management and learn how this wonderful program can help your organization and/or your home save energy.

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