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Contest Kickoff

EPA National Building Contest starts at Coal Ridge High School

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Over the loud speakers, the countdown began.
Several Coal Ridge High School students donned in self-painted camouflage t-shirts and deemed the Green Ninjas raced through the halls to see who could get to the light switch first.
And just as swiftly, they were lunging for the plug connected to the printer in the counselor’s office.
Three, two, one! Operation Shutdown has commenced.

The building was dimly lit. Classroom lights were out, unnecessary appliances were unplugged, and students calmly made their way to the Coal Ridge gymnasium. From 10 to 11 a.m., the building was operating on minimal power with telephones, essential electrical devices and life-safety systems still completely operational. While in the gym, students were told that Coal Ridge High School was one of just 245 contestants nation-wide in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star National Building Competition.

ENERGY STAR Partnership

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provides our District a solid foundation and direction for first identifying energy waste in our schools and then taking action to eliminate the waste. ENERGY STAR’s Guidelines to Superior Energy Management is a proven approach to help any organization reduce its energy use. When combined with using a building’s ENERGY STAR Rating monthly to focus all parties on improving the rating, everyone gets involved and energy waste is driven from the building, which in turn significantly lowers cost and the amount of Greenhouse Gases put into our atmosphere. We at Garfield Re-2 School District recommend everyone visit ENERGY STAR'S Guidelines for Superior Energy Management and learn how this wonderful program can help your organization and/or your home save energy.

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